CBBF Nationals

by Demetri on September 27, 2003

Well lots has been going on lately. I was in Saskatoon last weekend for the Canadian Nationals. What can I say, I got hammered. I came in 5th place wich I guess isn’t too bad when you consider how close the competition was.

They had us do 5 comparisions. With only six guys in the class that means there was absolutely no rest. It also means that we were all pretty close too. I was ready to collapse after the third round of comparisons and it showed. I think that cost me some points but it’s so hard to tell, the sport is very objective and the judges decision could be completely different on a different day.

To be completely honest though I was ready to pack it in and walk off stage after the third round of comparisons. I was irritated with the judges for not giving us a chance to rest, plus I felt totally alone. I would have lost it if it wasn’t for my girlfriend Jennette. She realized I was having a moment and gave me a shout of encouragement. That was all I needed to pull it all back together and finish the pre-judging.

The finals went much smoother. I was feeling good, confident (I thought I had 3rd place wrapped up … oops), and I was finally having a good time at the Nationals. It’s amazing, simply knowing that the outcome was already decided took away all of the stress of the event. I was actually relived though to not have been called out for the pose down. It was enough that I got to go on-stage and do my routine. I got to leave early and feed my tired body :)

The experience was definately worth it and I’d do it again. Hopefully next time I won’t have so much stress in my personal life and I’ll be better equiped to compete.

Plus it felt good when someone from the audience recognized me after the pre-judging and said I looked good, but he of course had some pointers on how I could look better. God bless him and his good intentions, just not what I wanted to hear just coming off of the pre-judging.

Check out the MABBA when you get a chance. You’ll find the dates for the next provincial body building competition.

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