Back from the dead

by Demetri on July 19, 2005

A few months back I didn’t anticipate that I’d be out riding my bike again. When I tore my ACL last September I though that I’d still be recovering from my surgery.

Fortunately the medical system here is so bloated and slow that I’m still waiting for surgery. It’s a fucking gong show here in Manitoba, in Canada for that matter. The wait had totally stressed me out that I couldn’tconcentrate on much else.

Fortunately (or not so fortunately) my mind has since been preoccupied with other things and I’m finally back to the things I like to do. I’m just hoping now that I don’t get called in for surgery before the end of summer. I want to enjoy my new bike and riding with the great people in my mountain bike club.

Most of my friends were surprised that I took up cross country mountain biking. Realistically as a bodybuilder I don’t exactly have the cyclists build. I think I look pretty much at home on the bike though. Here I am riding at Ingolf back on July 3rd.

riding the new bike at Ingolf

The ride was a lot more fun than I remembered. Great company and a full suspension bike certainly help … a big thank you goes out to JF for being so kind and encouraging on the rides!

Mud! Yum!

fun in the mud!
fun in the mud!

This next bit scarred this crap out of me. It’s steeper than it looks and I was thinking “I hope the bike knows what it’s doing and I better not hit Gavin”.

Watch Out Gav!
Watch Out Gav!
Watch Out Gav!

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